Project Life 2012: Week 7

This was another busy week!  Valentines Day in all it’s kitchy, sticky glory.  The full spread:  one 8.5 x 11 insert that was dedicated front and back to the valentines craziness. For the left side we have the back of a Design A and for the right, my first attempt at using Design E, which was very intimidating…

Week 7:  Left Side.  For some reason, I felt the need to include a pic of just our Farmer’s Market haul…it was just gorgeous that week!  Lots of cooking, as per usual, including my first pressure cooker experiement with beets, and a new egg breakfast muffin recipe which turned out great.  A pic of my first attempts at using bobby pins and recreating an updo that I saw on Pinterest, some artwork by my oldest (and captioned by the same), and my youngest, caught in the act of emptying the lunchbox cabinet (for the millionth time).  Doesn’t he look proud of himself? 😀  Also included is the weapon that my oldest made out of his valentine bag…boys…sheesh.

Week 7:  Front of insert.  I included a collage of the crayon lego brick valentines that we made for my oldest’s classmates, the photo-strip that we used in the valentine that we made for The Papa, and various other favorite valentines that were received that day.  My oldest was really concerned that he wouldn’t get any valentines because his classmates know that he has food sensitivities and several of them told him that they couldn’t give him anything, sorry.

He needn’t have worried.  The kids gave him valentines anyway and after going through it all (and there was a lot) he found a couple pieces of chocolate that he could eat, including a hilarious moustache…so he was happy. 😉

Week 7:  Right side.  So this was my challenge…how to use the Design E page protector?  It’s so intimidating with it’s large square pockets…my brain hurt just thinking about it.  But in the end…it all fell into place.  I used Picasa to make a 4×6 collage of the macadamia nut butter cups I made, and also made my first square collage of a fun afternoon in our backyard.  Since I print all my photos at Costco, I had to take the collage, import it into PSE and then adjust the size so that it would be on a canvas that was 8×8, which is a standard print size for the Costco Photo Center.  It printed great…all I had to do was trim it down and fit it in!  Perfect!  I cut up my valentine from The Papa to fill one square, and then used several smaller photos and pieces of a menu to show the date that we went on that week.  I am now no longer intimidated by Design E, thank goodness. 😉

That’s it for Week 7!  Thanks for joining me as I post Project Life like crazy to get all caught up.  🙂


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