Project Life 2012: Weeks 8 & 9

Another post with two, two, two weeks in one!  Since I’m playing catch up, you’ll have to forgive me the melding of my weeks…it’s just that these were simple, weren’t photo heavy, and I’m just trying to get these all up and off my to do list! LOL!

Week 8:  Full spread.  On the left we have the back of a Design E page protector (the fear of which I’ve overcome) and on the right side, Design A.  I also included a 5×7 insert, holding another letter to my oldest from his grandparents.

Week 8:  Left Side.  As you can see, I really embraced the whole “printing a square photo onto an 8×8 canvas so that it can be easily printed at Costco” thing.  I rocked it with a pic of super crispy and delicious chicken thighs, and a pic of my oldest, the balloon squeezer. 😉  I used a 4×6 print in the other square and paired it with a great quote I found on Pinterest.  Since the standard title card is too small to fill the square space, I just used a piece of my Cobalt cardstock, put a label with the date on it, and slapped my Week in Review card on it.  I like how that looks and will probably do the same the next time I have a Design E as my first page.  Did I notice that the word pattern on my title card was upside down and backwards?…well…not till later…oh well!  Adds to the “in the moment” vibe we have going with the whole Project Life thing…dontcha think?  😉

Week 8:  Right side.  Hard at work in my studio, my youngest declaring “Victory!” even whilst asleep, the introduction of “Downton Abbey” into our lives, another pressure cooker experiment, and the total for getting my beloved Raul (the name of our little car.  What…you don’t name your cars?  Well, why the heck not?  Are you some sort of car hater or something?…) fitted with a new engine.  Ok, so “new” to him…meaning it had only 100K miles on it compared to the 200K mile engine that threw it’s timing belt and imploded…that kind of “new”.  I also included a receipt from Chipotle, both to show the price of eating out and also to show that we actually DO eat out upon occasion…just not very often.

Week 9:  Full Spread.  No Inserts!  (I hear the intake of breath…the muttering, “Is she SERIOUS?”…oh…but I am… 😉 )  The left side is the back of a Design A and the right is a Design F.

Week 9:  Left side.  We ended our February of sickness with a bang…by all sharing in the flu.  Slowly but surely it picked us off, one by one.  The Papa, home from visiting his father in the hospital, was the last to hurl.  Ah…familial bliss.  A pic of my market buddies, homemade herbal tea mixing, some ill-fated Chipotle dining, the Le Cruset I have my eye on, and some adventure fun with my oldest rounds out the page.  Also, I had my hubby journal about his trip home for his father’s surgery…it’s really nice to have his voice be a part of this project!

Week 9:  Right side.  Another Picasa collage (obsessed much?), this time about chalk drawing on the backyard walls.  Copy of a letter written by my oldest to his Abuelitos, silly text from my BFF, Convention Logo, Movie poster, teething baby, and a broken freezer.  Random, beautiful, life.  😀

That’s it for Weeks 8 & 9!  Thanks for looking and keep coming back…I’ll be posting as fast as I can so that I can get caught up!


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