Project Life 2012: Week 10

I am SO CLOSE to being caught up!  I can almost taste victory! 😀

Week 10:  Full spread.  The left side is the back of a Design F page protector, there is a 5×7 insert holding some “Safety Data Sheets” drawn by my oldest, and the right side is a combo Design A and  6×12 6 picture sleeve that I’ve attached to it.  “What what wha????”  (You seem to be saying…don’t worry…I’ll ‘splain.)

Week 10:  Left side.  Because I was working with the back of a Design F, the title card ended up in a weird place but I decided to get over my OCD and just put it where it fit and I’m okay with that. 😛  My “Week in Review” card helped me get over it…have I mentioned yet how much I’m loving these “Review” cards?  I’m noticing that my style is heavy on the photos and light on the journalling so these little gems help, not only to give the reader an overview of the week, but to put the pictures into a larger context.  (I think that last sentence might be redundant…or it’s just saying the same thing twice…hmmm… 😉 ) Pictured is a breakfast bite (because we love to eat), tooth loss #7, strands of my youngest’s hair, sleeping baby butt, new mirror fun, the “ear incident”, art table, first words, and chaos in my kichen (a.k.a. “Destructo strikes again”).  I put my little one’s hairs into a small jewelry sized ziplock that I had left over from the lego crayon project of a few weeks back…love that about this project…including that stuff is so easy!

5×7 Insert:  Front side.  We built and installed some IKEA shelving this week.  My oldest was inspired by all this building to design us a new house, complete with observatory!  (I had no idea I needed one…until this point.)

5×7 Insert:  Back side.  Of course, no construction project is complete without safety precautions, so he included some of those too.

Week 10:  Right side.  Baby play date, glow-in-the-dark easter egg hunt, pumping iron, and a whole lotta artwork.  That’s the reason I decided to add this flappity to this weeks layout.  See, my oldest draws A LOT and I don’t want to feel like I HAVE to save everything but the problem is that I LOVE almost every drawing so I decided to do this:  scan in all my favorite art work, reduce them in size, and display them in a special insert every couple of months or whenever there is no longer any room for them on our art line in the hallway.  That way, once the art line is full, I’ll just pull everything down, we’ll go through it, scan what we love, recycle what we don’t, and store our penultimate favorites in a box, for review later.  I used a SmashTab with stars on it to indicate that the flappity is there, and again, I stapled through the tab and the card stock to keep the contents from shifting around.  I also (later) added a discreet staple to the lower card stock because it kept wanting to leap out of it’s page protector and we can’t have that. 😉  I love how the 6×12 flap lines up perfectly with the Design A below it so that no photos get cut off…it flows seamlessly from one side of the page to the other…my OCD loves that. 😉

Here’s a close up of the washi tape that I used to create a “hinge” for the two page protectors:

And a shot of the flappity (I’m in love with that word, I think…) opening:

Week 10:  Right side, fully open.  Even more artwork on the back of the flappity (heh heh heh) and pics of the IKEA building.  Also, at the bottom, a crazy story about a bird getting caught in our chimney and flying all over the house before finally escaping.  Props to The Papa who took a pic with his camera phone while I hid upstairs with the baby in my locked room.  LOL!

There’s been lots of buzz in the Project Life world about using QR codes to include a video component in our layouts so I gave it a shot this week.  It worked like a charm and I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it.  Now, I’m realistic and know that eventually, years down the road, technology will change and the QR code will be replaced with something else so I’m also going to burn all of the videos that I include this year onto a CD and include that in the back of my album.  Hopefully one or the other technology will last…I’ll just cross that bridge when I come to it because for now…this is crazy amounts of fun and I can see myself including at least one video a week from now on.

Another glance at the whole of Week 10, flappity open:

Well, that’s the end of what turned out to be a very complicated Week 10!  I’ll be linking up at The Mom Creative and One Happy Mama so be sure to get over there and check out all the Project Life inspiration and love.  Thanks for hanging out with me for a little while and have a wonderful day!  🙂


13 thoughts on “Project Life 2012: Week 10

  1. So neat! What a clever idea for the flap. I like having that alternative to regular inserts. How cute that you included your son’s drawing too with the ‘dream house’ tab — how official! 😉

  2. This is a great week! Yes I love the flap too! great idea! I love all the artwork from your kiddos! I like to include that kind of stuff too! Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. What a great week! I love the ‘flappity’ – such a good idea. I know what you mean about the OCD too – I am exactly the same. Project Life is forcing me to get over it sometimes though!

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