Studio Organization: Part 2 “The Middle Part”

When last we met, beloved reader, we’d seen the studio transform from a box-filled storage room to something that was only partially useful:

There were boxes stuffed under both tables but at least the tables were clear and ready for work.  The Papa took the old lights from our previous studio and hung them under the cabinets so there was good work light over the one table at least and since my oldest usually worked at his desk during the day, his lack of lighting didn’t really matter.

As I mentioned in the last post, we lived with it like this for about 9 months.  Then the budget gods were fed and they spewed forth the funds for us to be able to tackle the next phase of construction…counters!!!  We went with pre-made counters that we found at Lowes.  It was the frugal choice when comparing the price to custom counters.

First step:  empty the room.

You might wonder just where we put all that stuff.  Imagine, if you will, random office equipment strewn about the house, covering any available surface, including dining room tables and kitchen counters.  Imagine our modem and router, lounging amounst the food processor and the crockpot and the bamboo plant in the corner by the sink.

Also imagine, if you are still willing, an 18 month old toddler’s delight at having such things within his reach.  I think I just about lost my mind that week.

Yes.  It took a week.  When your friend that’s helping you out (for free) tells you that he’s got plans on the very day that it looks like the project might finally be done, you smile and nod and are grateful.

Besides, after the corner cabinet and the counters go in…and it looks like this:

You swoon, and forget (mostly) about the huge pain in the butt it was chasing the toddler out of all the boxes and electronics all darn week long.  (Ok, so I haven’t completely forgotten YET…)

Yay!  So now we had all the cabinets and our counter in.  Now what?  Oh right.  Organize it all.

Gods help me.

Decisions made before bringing it all back in:  Since we were no longer homeschooling, most of that stuff went to the garage to be sold off.  We kept a small portion of it and it fits quite well at the very top of the closet.  We absolutely did not need to hang on to a majority of the old magazines that we’d been hanging on to for no good reason, so that was added to the freecycle pile.  Our printer, conveniently, decided to stop working properly so we added that to the freecycle pile as well and got a much smaller one, so it wouldn’t take up much of the counter space.

The first thing to come back inside was the computer.

Doesn’t it look happy there?  Putting the computer in the corner was (I feel) the best use of the space.  I easily stuffed all the hard drives, modem, router, etc…behind it so they are out of sight but very accessible in case of computer meltdown.

Slowly but surely, everything made it’s way back into the room.  Anything extra was either moved to another location (like the upstairs family room, where all our bookshelves now live), or put into the freecycle/craigslist pile.

Or, if it was extraneous paper, it met it’s maker in the jaws of our shredder.  The shredder that overheats after about 5 rounds of shredding.  It took me about three days to shred all the papers that needed shredding.  Believe it.

And so.  I’m going to be getting into the details of the organization in the next post.  For now I just wanted to show you an overview of how it turned out!

Tah daaaaaaaaaah!

Notice the baby gate at the door.  It keeps the toddler at bay…for now.

Isn’t it so much better?  I am quite pleased with the result.  Oh!  And take a look at the closet:

It’s not perfect…but it’s USABLE.  I love that.  And now…the money shot:

BOOM!  “Studio by night”.  LOL!  I usually see it like this since I’m normally working in here at night between when the boys go to sleep and when the youngest wakes back up, demanding that I take him (and therefore me) to bed for the night.

Next week, I’ll show you more organizational details and regale you with stories about shoe shelves turned crafty, uncomfortable chairs, and yarn skein decor.

Till next time, dear readers.

Have a wonderful week!


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