Project Life 2012: Week 12

Week 12!  Moving ever forward!

Full spread:  The left side is the back of a Design A page protector and the right side is a Design B with an extra flappity  (by now, you all know how much I like the flappity 😉 ) made out of a We R Memory Makers page protector which I cut down and attached with some washi tape.   Also, there is a 5×8 insert which holds a letter to my oldest from his Abuelitos.

Here’s a shot without the insert.

And another with the flappity open!  Ok, here’s what my OCD loves about combining this flappity with this particular page protector: Design B.  Because the squares in the flappity are each 4″ wide, the edge of said flappity lines up perfectly with a seam on the page under it.  Do you see?  The flappity in no way blocks a picture or cuts it in half by laying on top of it…it just folds over, minds it’s own business, and doesn’t stir up trouble.  I love that. 😉

Left side.  Learning to use a sharp knife, an absent Papa, playing with beans, the blog begins, and some morning humor.

My love affair with the QR code continues.  This particular morning, my youngest decided that the word “soup” was hilarious and proceeded to say it over and over, while laughing hysterically.  His little laugh is infectious and we were all laughing by the end of it.  Major props to The Papa for thinking to grab his phone and get a video.  It’s memories like these that are PERFECT for including into a project like this.  Just little snippets of everyday life that might otherwise be forgotten.

Right side.  Flappity in place.  The reason I included it was because I’ve become a huge fan of instagram and wanted to showcase my favorites up till this point.  I’m thinking I’ll do this about once a quarter since I really like how it turned out.  I used a different washi tape for this hinge and I kinda love how it looks…all polka dotty and stuff.

I also (warning: OCD alert) started noticing how much fatter my album was in the middle than the edges.  I mean, most of the inserts go into the 3-ring part, obviously, so it makes sense that it would be that way but…it bothered me.  So I’m making a concerted effort to try and even the score a little by adding more bulk to the outside of the pages.

C’mon…you see what I’m saying…right?  Seriously.  Am I the only one who’s noticed this disparity?  Is there a conspiracy in place here? A communist plot perhaps?

Anyway, here’s the right side, with the flappity open.  Tasty eats, hero art, mad scientist, cookbook love, housework helper, homemade adventure, sleepy babes, and drama queens. (Science, adventure, and queens…oh my!)

I’ve gotten in the habit of using the decorations from some of the Cobalt kit journalling cards to make my tabs for inserts and the like.  Well, this is one time when I kinda hated the result.  I should’ve turned it around and put the scalloped edge on the page protector instead of having it stick out…it ended up looking kinda lame.  But I’d already stapled it so I wasn’t about to take it all apart and risk ruining the whole thing.  As you can probably imagine, my OCD points and screams loudly every time I look at this ill-begotten tab.

I used the same trick to make the tab on the insert, with much less offensive results.

Well there you have it!  Another week in the books.

Thanks so much for joining me!  I’ll be linking up at The Mom Creative and One Happy Mama (she stopped doing Project Life Tuesdays, isn’t that sad?) so go check them out and see all the awesome inspiration there!

I’ll be participating in Ali Edward’s A Week In The Life project next week…my mind is spinning with ideas of how to incorporate that project into this one…I have a basic plan in mind but we’ll see what actually happens…I’m really very excited about it!

Till next time, my dear readers…have a wonderful week! 😀


5 thoughts on “Project Life 2012: Week 12

  1. Pleased to find someone else is irked by the “fat” inner edge – my album is annoyingly lopsided with inserts so the pages don’t lie flat when the album is closed. The flappity sounds like an ideal solution. Reckon more pages would fit as a result. Am already onto my second album. Sorry, don’t have a blog to share my album.

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