Week In The Life 2012 / Project Life Week 17

It’s two, two, two projects in one!

Actually it felt kinda like a zillion projects in one and took me about that long to put together, based on the fact that I’ve been missing from the blogosphere for two whole weeks working on it!  Whew!

Week In The Life (hereafter referred to as WITL) is a project, conceived of by Ali Edwards, which has you walk through an entire week of your life, one moment at a time, mindfully.  The goal is to pay attention to the smallest routines, the constants, the breaths that make up your existence in that week, and document them, through the use of photos and words, into a document/project.  Some people post pictures to Flickr or Instagram, others make a whole project and bind it in it’s own album.  Others, like myself, find a way to include it into our existing Project Life album.

So…why do this project if we’re already doing Project Life?  Well, I asked myself pretty much the same thing about half way through, when the romance of writing stuff down and taking a million pictures of watering my garden was getting stale.  In fact, by the end of the project I’d already decided that I wasn’t going to do this project ever again and that I felt like I accomplished the tenants of WITL in my PL and didn’t need to be so exacting about little details.

Then I finished the project…

…and changed my mind.

I found that, in this week, I took some of my favorite photos that I’ve taken all year, and that those pics are of absolutely ordinary things, like my youngest peeking through the blinds in the morning, trying to convince me to wake the heck up, or the picture of our reflection in the rear view mirror of the van.  It won’t be long before that little one will no longer be the first happy face I see in the morning, and those faces in the rear view mirror are going to get older so quickly that it’ll take my breath away…I am SO THANKFUL that I took those shots and have these little insignificant moments recorded for the future me.

My initial plan was to use coin collector page protectors, which have 2×2 pockets, and fill them with Instagrams.  I ended up not using Instagram at all, but the rest turned out pretty much according to plan.

After wading through the pics from the week (609 total) I loaded them all onto my iPad where I used Camera+ to edit them all just a bit.  Obviously I cropped them all square, and I also applied the “clarity” filter to all of them except two…which I just used a color filter on because those pics were just so bad that I had to do something to clean them up…sepia and b&w filters to the rescue.

In the middle of the transferring of pics back and forth from iPad to (old) iMac, there was an iPhoto FAIL and I thought I’d lost an entire day’s worth of pictures for about 1 very stressful hour.  Then I realized that iPhoto (wisely) stores it’s original pics in some random library folder, retrieved them, re-imported them, and continued on my merry way.

Special thanks to The Papa for taking over the morning pre-school routine that day and supplying me with a lot of coffee and support.  I think he was afraid that I was going to blow a gasket and was trying to make sure that it wasn’t aimed in his direction. 😉

Ok, I am talking WAY too much so here’s some pics:  The first couple are “in-process” shots.

I used this template from Persnickety Prints and printed them off at Costco.  It didn’t take me long at all to quickly resize my pics and use the template in PSE.

Then I had to cut them all out and distribute them evenly throughout my page protectors.  The numbers worked out perfectly that each week would leave two spots empty which would then be used for the date and day of the week.  I used 4 page protectors which have 160 slots total.  Subtract 14 (2 title cards per day) and that means that I used 146 photos for this project.

By the time I was done cutting them all out and putting them into the pockets (and re-trimming about 20 that I had thought would fit with just a little pin-line of a white border left on them…nope), my hand was killing me from all the cutting and I went to bed.  I slept on it and tried to figure out just what I was going to do for the dates/days of the week title cards. The other concern was how to incorporate the sheets on which I’d meticulously recorded, in words, what we’d done with our days.  I liked the details but hated how they looked and was trying to figure out how to include them without actually having to SEE them.  LOL!  A tall order to be sure. 😀

Pausing to say that in my regular PL, I’m not so worried about having some sort of “weekly theme” or “look”.  I just slap my pics in there with some labels on them and call it good. But this felt like a “special” project to me and so I thought about it’s overall “look” and wanted that to be graphic and clean.

Enough talk…here are the pics!

I took two of my favorite shots from the week and blew them up to 12×12 and cut them up to fill the page protectors.  (I guess that means that I actually used 148 photos, although these two were repeats). On the left side was a Design D, on the right, a Design A.  I purposely did not round any corners on any of the pics in this project…I wanted them all square…like me. 😉

My family IS my life, so I felt that these pics best represented what my life IS at this very moment.

My solution to hiding the daily journal sheets was to sandwich them between two identical prints with Ali’s “One Little Week” .png which she so graciously gave a way for free here.  I went into PSE and made a brand new document at 8×12 (a standard print size at Costco), filled it with black, and took the .png (which I’d filled with white) and slapped that baby at center.  Didn’t even resize it…because that’s how I roll (and it happened to look exactly like I wanted it to…).  I printed it at Costco, trimmed an inch off the bottom, and threw it into my favorite 8.5×11 page protector from the Martha Stewart collection at Staples.  I love them because they have a small flappity at the top which keeps the contents from spilling out…it feeds my OCD…what can I say.

The unexpected bonus of all this is that I got a simple, clean, title page for the whole thing.  Hadn’t even thought about that until I saw it put together.

Here’s a shot with the title page flipped open.

And now a closer look at the daily photos:

At the very beginning of each day, I put in the “date” card.  Then somewhere in the middle, I slipped in the “day” card.

I made these cards with my trusty Dymo squeeze label maker thingy and, since the tape itself is conveniently sticky, stuck it onto scrap photo paper which was left over from all those templates!  Here’s a close up:

Here are the rest.

As you can see…

…I took lots of pictures on some days…

…and not so many on others.

It all worked out in the end.

As I think I’ve made clear, I’ve really enjoyed this project and look forward to doing it again…but not for another year. 😉

Once Ali posts her project, I’ll be linking up there and I’ll also be linking up at The Mom Creative when I catch up and start posting my PL pages again.

Till then, dear readers, I hope you have a fabulous week!  Get out there and take some pictures of your life!


8 thoughts on “Week In The Life 2012 / Project Life Week 17

  1. I am more of a rounded corner sorta person… but I am loving your daily squares! I may be copying you…. ;0)

  2. Totally love all your little square pictures……..looks awesome, thanks for sharing. I’m yet to put mine together. This is my 4th year I’ve done WITL and it’s a wonderful project even though during the actual week it’s full on. Regards Kathy, Brisbane, Australia

  3. That is just amazing and way too cool! I wish I had more time. I’m glad some of my favorite shows are almost over – I need to get more done! (esp. more good cooking!)

  4. I didn’t understand the week in the life until now. I LOVE what you did with photos. I can’t decide if the 12 x12 divided picture, or cute 2×2 is my favorite. Think I might try this out.

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