Telling Your Story in 5 Photos

I’m linking up to Learn With Jenny’s new photo challenge!  The challenge was to post pics of:

1.  Your morning routine

Every morning this little guy wakes up a few minutes before the alarm goes off and peeks through the blinds at the day outside…there are worse ways to wake up, I suppose. 😉

2.  The contents of something you carry around with you

Yep, I’m a purse minimalist.  I have the diaper bag to carry all the rest of the trappings of having a toddler but my purse, my purse stays neat and orderly.

3.  Something you pass by every day and have never taken a picture of

Our backyard is nothing but dirt and so we have “outside shoes” by the back door.  And no, they aren’t (ever) all lined up like this…my OCD took over. 😉

4.  Your happy place

Our studio/office is where I go to play, often with a child in tow.  It’s where I create and I’m happiest when I’m embracing my Crafty McCrafterton side.

5.  Someone who makes you smile

My crazy boys.  I love them so much it hurts my brain.

So…I guess that’s my first Photography link up! Make sure to check it out on Jenny’s blog and join us!  🙂


6 thoughts on “Telling Your Story in 5 Photos

  1. So neat to see your pictures! I must say that I’m impressed with the lack of stuff in your purse. I also took a shot of my purse & it was a disaster.

    Have a great week!

  2. LOVE this challenge and YOU and YOUR family! They smile so perfect for photos! We are in the awkward ‘Cheese’ face phase…..

    • LOL! A was there for a while and is still that way unless I make him say crazy stuff that cracks him up… Anytime I get my camera or my iphone out Z just immediately says, “trees!” so he’s pretty well trained. 😀

  3. Cecilia – I love your pictures. The first picture of your son peeking through the blinds is so cool. He will love that when he gets older. I love your phone case! The lined up shoes makes me giggle as that is something I would totally do.
    Glad you took a picture of yourself working in your office – I need to do that. And well the last picture makes me smile too.
    Thanks so much for linking up. Great job!

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