Project Life 2012: Week 14

Spriiiiiiiiing Breeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaak!

You could literally hear the joy in the air…it was SO time for a mini-vacation around here.

We had a lovely week full of activity with a healthy dose of sloth…the perfect relaxation recipe. 😉

Here’s the full spread:  The left side is the back of a Design A, the right side a Design C.  There are two inserts:  the first is a Design G (the first I’ve used), and the second is an American Crafts 6×12 that has three 4×6 pockets.  This is a shot of the whole thing with inserts in place.

Peter brought us his leftover bricks so we could put together a raised bed garden, chopped chocolate chip experiment (success), and a visit to the Springs Preserve.

I cut down a baseball card page protector so that I could create this little flappity of Z trying to be taller than he is… I love using bits and pieces from the decorative parts of journalling cards to make custom (yet coordinated) tabs for flappitys. 😀

I also added a 4×6 flappity in order to include more pics of our trip to the Springs Preserve with all the kids.

Again, I used the bottom of two (of the same) journalling cards to make the tab.

1st insert, Design G page protector:  Movie of the week, a visit from a high school friend, and endless games of “This Little Piggy”.

After initially not liking the Design G because the edge doesn’t line up perfectly with the seams of other page protectors (yes…my OCD is sometimes in full effect) I’ve come to really like it.  I like the mix of pocket sizes and the fact that it gives me a lot of versatility to switch from horizontal to vertical pictures.  Of course, Picasa’s collage tool lets me cram even more pics in when I want to. 😉

Can I just take a moment to love on Pinterest a bit?  Whenever I’m looking for a pretty quote for filler I need to look no further than Pinterest…I’ve never been disappointed.  This one was perfect and helped me emphasize just how much it meant to me to see my friend again after 21 years.  We fell into easy conversation almost immediately, and it was clear to me that we’d be hanging out on a regular basis if she didn’t live so far away.

Living in Vegas has the advantage that friends are much more likely to be coming through town…it’s an amazing gift and I am so very grateful for it.

Here’s the back of the insert:  tasty GF waffles, naps, crazy babies who steal my dish gloves out of the drawer and run away from me, cackling loudly, as I give chase, farmer’s market fun with the kids, a friend’s new place, and neighbors who share their eggs and lettuce.

And another close up of a homemade tab.  Also, check out these gorgeous eggs!  They’d been laid that morning and were delicious! 🙂

The 6×12 insert: our pre-Easter brunch with good friends.  All our families have similar food sensitivities and we all choose to eat Primally (grain/legume/dairy/soy free).  It was SO cool to have a meal where our kids could have EVERYTHING that was offered.  We didn’t have to say “No, you’re allergic” or “No, we don’t eat that”.  It, and my friends, are awesome.

And here’s the back side of that insert.  I even got to show off my PL and might have a couple of converts! 😉

And here’s the right side:  Easter egg hunt, a chocolate bunny, assembling the garden bed, and playing in the backyard…a perfect day. 😀

And here’s a shot without the inserts:

Whew!  That was one busy week!

I’ll be linking up at The Mom Creative for her Project Life Tuesday…come on over and check it out!

Have a lovely week, dear readers, and leave me a comment…I love those! LOL.


7 thoughts on “Project Life 2012: Week 14

  1. I love the flippys on your pictures! That is such an innovative way to add to the page protectors! I love frankensteining my page protectors to be what I want them to be. I have the same problem with the G protectors, I usually will cut an A or D so that it is 6×12 for my inserts 🙂

    • Thanks for the flappity love! I haven’t gotten brave enough to cut my other Becky Higgins page protectors…I don’t know what’s stopping me…LOL! Maybe I’ll make it a challenge for some week coming up…hmmm…you’ve inspired me! 😀

    • They really are…until I tried them myself I had no idea. I’ve been finding fresh eggs more and more at my farmer’s market…you should check yours out and then let me know what you think after trying them! 🙂

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